Where can I practise?

Due to Covid-19 and the UK government’s announcement that all schools will be closed from Friday 20 March 2020, all Kyudo practices with the West of Scotland Kyudo Society are suspended until further notice. We are also not taking beginners at this time. Please check back regularly for updates or email info@westofscotlandkyudo.org.


The West of Scotland Kyudo Society holds practices at our main dojo in Prestwick, Scotland and makiwara-only practice in Blackburn, Scotland about 20 miles West of Edinburgh. It is the intention of the Society for all members to practise formal shooting at mato (targets) at least once per month.

  • Prestwick Academy, Games Hall in Prestwick, Scotland
    Prestwick Academy is a 10-15 minute walk from Prestwick Town railway station and is also easily accessible by bus. We are able to practise formal shooting at distances up to 28 metres on mato (targets) and makiwara (straw practice targets).
  • St Kentigern’s Academy in Blackburn, Scotland
    St Kentigern’s Academy is 20 miles West from Edinburgh and accessible by bus. We practise on makiwara (straw practice targets).

Who can practise kyudo?
Kyudo can be practised by men and women, young and old alike. Kyudo practitioners with the West of Scotland Kyudo Society must be aged 18 years or older.

People interested in Kyudo / Beginners
Our beginners intakes are usually in September and January. Beginners are welcome to contact us at info@westofscotlandkyudo.org to first observe a practice in Prestwick and to discuss Kyudo.

Please note that our Blackburn practices are not standalone practices and are meant to supplement practices at our main full-distance dojo in Prestwick.

You can access our practice schedule here to let us know which practice you are interested in observing.

Can I practise in Blackburn only?
Practices in Blackburn are for makiwara-training only because there is not enough space in the venue to have a full distance range. Members are therefore expected to attend practice in a full distance dojo as much as possible. It is expected that all members attend a practice at our main dojo in Prestwick at least once a month. Our training and practices in Blackburn and Prestwick are meant to complement each other, so it is recommended to make every effort to attend both when possible.

For further instruction and grading opportunities, travel outside of Scotland will be required.

Main dojo address – Prestwick Academy in Prestwick:
Prestwick Academy
Games Hall
Newdykes Road

St Kentigern’s Academy in Blackburn:
60 W Main St
EH47 7LX