Happy New Year from WSKS

Happy New Year from the West of Scotland Kyudo Society!

Members from both WSKS and the Manchester Kyudo Group had fun at a Noshakai, the final Kyudo practice of the year. Activities included games such as a team competition and shooting at festive targets. There was also some tasty homemade treats prepared by WSKS members and friends to ensure everyone did not finished off the practice hungry.

All of us at WSKS wish you all a wonderful new year. We also look forward to welcoming new beginners who will join us in 2016.

WSKS is currenly on break from 27th December 2015 –  9th January 2016. Practices will resume 10th January 2016 with the Hatsushakai, the first Kyudo practice of the year. Remember to send us an email if you are interested in learning more about Kyudo!  The start of the new year is a great time as any to start a new activity.

Happy New Year!