One member awarded 3rd dan at 5th Asia-Oceania Shinsa in Nagoya, Japan

Two members from the West of Scotland Kyudo Society attended the 5th Asia-Oceania Seminar in Nagoya, Japan. The seminar had attendees from all over the world with many from the Americas and Europe. After the seminar, shinsa (exams) were held to grade from shodan (1st dan) to rokudan (6th dan). There was also a test to become renshi (instructor).

One WSKS member passed the shinsa (exam) for 3rd dan.

An announcement was made by the International Kyudo Federation for the next Asia-Oceania Seminar to be held in New Zealand in 2017.

The seminar was a great experience for participants and a wonderful chance to meet old and new friends. Instruction was well received by Sensei and there were plenty of opportunities to practise in the beautiful dojo at Nippongaishi Sports Plaza Kyudojo in Nagoya. At the conclusion of the final day of the seminar, participants attended a reception and were able to meet other Kyudo practitioners.

Despite the first day having quite a bit of windy weather, conditions later improved during the last two days of the seminar and shinsa where the pleasant breeze and sunshine created a wonderful atmosphere. WSKS members were extremely appreciative and happy to be able to practise Kyudo in a friendly and beautiful environment and thankful for all of the helpful Kyudo guidance, instruction and advice from Sensei.