What is Kyudo?
Please see our page link above or visit the United Kingdom Kyudo Association website and International Kyudo Federation website for more information.

Are you running any beginners courses in the future?
In the past we have run Beginners Kyudo Courses in Glasgow and Edinburgh. However, we have had low numbers of students registering for the courses and committing through to the end of the course. As a result, we have introduced having only two beginners intakes during the year – usually around September and January – for starting beginners at the same time.

Beginners must observe a Kyudo practice in Prestwick Academy through prior arrangement before making a request to sign up for the next beginners intake.

How do I sign up for the next beginners intake?
See “How do I get started?”

How do I get started?

  1. Learn more about Kyudo through the United Kingdom Kyudo Association and International Kyudo Federation websites
  2. Select a date from our practice schedule to observe a practice session at Prestwick Academy
  3. Email us with your interest and to arrange and confirm your visit to observe
  4. If you find that you would like to learn Kyudo with us, we will contact you with details and information about the next beginners intake

What will I learn as a beginner?
You will learn the basics of Kyudo as established by the All Nippon Kyudo Federation (ANKF).

The West of Scotland Kyudo Society is a member of the United Kingdom Kyudo Assocation (UKKA), the governing body for ANKF Kyudo in the UK. The ANKF was established in 1949 as the governing body for Kyudo in Japan. ANKF Kyudo is practised throughout Japan and worldwide, and is the form used by the International Kyudo Federation and its member nations. You can read more on the UKKA’s website.

Can I practise in Blackburn only?
It is expected that all of our members make an effort to practise in a full distance dojo and within a group setting as much as possible. Currently our main dojo, in Prestwick, is in the West of Scotland area where majority of our experienced members are based and where there is space for a full distance dojo setting of 28 metres, as is the standard in Japan.

There is not enough space for full distance shooting at 28 metres at our practice venue in Blackburn and it only accommodates makiwara (straw practice targets for close distance shooting). Therefore, we expect our members to make a commitment to attend a Prestwick practice at least once a month. The practices at Blackburn are meant to complement Prestwick practices and are not a standalone practice. For further instruction and grading opportunities, more travel outside of Scotland will be required.

What happened to your Edinburgh practices?
Due to issues in finding a cost-effective practice venue in Edinburgh and increasing membership, we have had to move practices from Edinburgh to a larger venue at St Kentigern’s Academy in Blackburn to accommodate our club’s growth and more space for our members to practise. The venue is within reasonable commuting distance from Edinburgh.

What do I need to get started?
Just yourself and a lot of patience.

I have experience in Kyudo. Can I come to a practice?
Please contact the Secretary by email to arrange a time to meet with the Dojo Leader at a practice.

How much are fees?
In keeping with the amateur status of Kyudo, there are no charges made for tuition. Costs for the hiring of facilties and costs associated with the running of the group are shared among our members. Please arrange to observe a practice to discuss details.

How much does equipment cost?
All of our equipment is supplied from Japan and the group makes orders to save on shipping costs. Beginners starting to learn Kyudo with the Society will be supplied learning equipment that may be shared with other members. When you reach a stage of shooting and you are ready to commit, you will be asked to purchase your own equipment – normally a uniform, glove and arrows. Our senior graded members will be able to advise you on uniform items and equipment costs when you are ready.

I have a uniform I use for a Japanese budo/martial art that I practise. Can I wear this uniform for kyudo?
Kyudo uniforms differ in some ways from uniforms from other Japanese budo/martial art. Please bring your uniform to a practice for a senior grade to check. If it is not suitable, you will be required to purchase your own uniform when you’re ready. There are also differences between men’s and women’s Kyudo uniforms.

I found some equipment online. I want to buy some equipment to start my Kyudo practice.
We advise beginners against purchasing equipment in advance and without advice from senior graded members of the Society – this is most especially in relation to the uniform, glove, arrows and bow. We must ensure that uniforms are appropriate and the equipment is safe and suitable to use for each of our beginners. As shooting technique improves, you may find that you will progress quickly and will need to purchase equipment appropriate to your circumstances. There will be plenty of opportunities for equipment orders.  We ask for beginners to please be patient and seek advice from our senior graded members and instructor before making any purchases.